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February 25
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Miyagawa High: Fukushima Michiko by yumibani Miyagawa High: Fukushima Michiko by yumibani
Ahhh, this is my app for the awesome group Miyagawa-High!!
deepfried-jellyfish talked me into joining and my art isn't very good, but it looked like a lot of fun so I decided to try anyway! ; v ; /
I hope I get accepted and get a chance to talk to all of you! u v u

Name: Fukushima Michiko

Age: Sixteen

Date of birth: March 24

Astrological sign: Aries ♈

Blood type: B

What year they're in: First

Height: 155 cm (5'1")

Gender: Female

Living situation: Dormitory

Club: Tea Ceremony ♨

Personality traits:
- Loving
- Easily excitable
- Naïve and gullible
- Innocent and pure
- Peppy and somewhat annoying
- Headstong towards things she cares about
- Stubborn
- Indisciplined
- Airheaded

♥ Green tea (especially Gyokuro)
♥ Justice
♥ Fashion
♥ Forest creatures
♥ History, religions, and myths
♥ Sugary sweets and caffeinated beverages
♥ Tamagoyaki
♥ Hello! Project and other idol groups
♥ Getting her way
♥ Romantic situations and ideas
♥ Spring
♥ Shoujo manga
♥ Music (J-Pop, Eurobeat, Synth Pop)
♥ Dancing (ParaPara)

♡ Animal cruelty
♡ Insects (they make her squeamish)
♡ Injustice
♡ Math
♡ Winter
♡ Bullies and judgemental people
♡ Getting yelled at and scolded
♡ Heights
♡ Kiwi fruit
♡ Alcohol, smoking, and drugs
♡ Crude language

Michiko grew up in a wealthy household in Gero-shi, a city located in the Chubu region of Gifu. The city, known for its onsen (hot springs), is a huge attraction spot for tourists and locals alike. Her parents were able to aquire their wealth from owning their own ryokan (Japanese inn) along with an onsen nearby. Ryokan are somewhat rare in many parts of Japan so their business boomed due to the quality they provided.

Aside from herself and her parents, Michiko's family consisted of her older brother, Masahiro, who is five years older than her, and her paternal grandmother who has been living with them for the past few years. Growing up, Michiko was a unique child who liked to explore everything and ask too many questions. Even though she was bubbly and loved to be outgoing, she was also very airheaded and often lost track of what she was doing or saying. Her parents would constantly scold her for starting a new task while leaving her unfinished projects out and scattered around. Many times, her brother, who loved looking out for her, was the one to eventually pick up after her. Now and then she was able to finish projects thanks to his encouragement. The only problem with her relationship with her brother was that because he was so protective and didn't want her to be upset or saddened, he would always try his best to get her whatever she wanted. This led to her being very sheltered and used to getting her way.

As she grew a little older, Michiko looked up to Masahiro because he had a strong sense a justice and it ended up rubbing off on her. Michiko admired his goals to help the weak and admonish bullies and she vowed to herself that she would try her best to do the same in life. She also adored her older brother because he was constantly helping her and always protected her during her childhood and she was finally able to recognise and respect that. Now, as she was about to enter high school, she knew he was even more worried about her because she would be moving away for the first time and he wouldn't be able to watch over her like he used to. She promised him that she would take all of the lessons she learned from him and put them to good use while she was away. Deep down, she was also very nervous about leaving her heroic brother, but her positive attitude helped her in feeling more secure. Plus, she was excited to start fresh at a new and beautiful school with the hopes of making long-lasting friendships!

Additional Info:
- Her older brother treats her like a princess ♕
- Loves any green tea snacks (matcha ice cream, pocky, mochi, kit-kats, etc.)
- Believes everyone can be a good person
- Loves making friends although most don't stick around due to her overbearing personality
- While sugary treats are her favourite, she also really enjoys a sweet and salty mix
- Has a huge intolerance to pain
- Comes from a very wealthy family
- Loves watching odorite dancers
- Not a vegetarian, but doesn't eat much meat
- Doesn't have a sexual preference, just likes whatever appeals to her
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Yes, besides her brother, it's her favourite thing in the whole world! C':
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